Welcome to the story of Hellinor

Thick ropes tighten around the heart-shaped balloon as it fills with helium and
with the sun’s rays the cherry red color seems to glow from within. 
Hellinor is ready to take you away, to a world where you are fearless,
strong and free from limiting beliefs.

Delivering a compelling musical experience,
Hellinor lifts you up into a higher realm.

With the perfect blend of gunpowder energy with soulful vocals,
reminiscent of Bonnie Tyler and Janis Joplin,
Hellinor delivers Organic Rock on a mission to heal the soul and make a difference. 
With influences range from Glam Rock and Journey, to Sting and Rammstein,
a unique voice soars through the skies with the message:
“Be brave, be bold, believe in love and respect yourself.”

All rights Reserved Hellinor